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The truth about mink lashes

In case you haven't noticed, all of our lash styles are vegan and cruelty-free, and always will be! Lets get into why. *Warning, these details are not pretty!

What are mink eyelashes?

A mink is a small wild animal related to weasels. A true mink eyelash is made from the actual fur from that animal. Unfortunately they are kept in places called "mink farms" where they are facing horrible living conditions and later killed. The UK has completely banned mink farming, but still allows them to be sold. 

What about the brands that sell cruelty-free lashes?

Though some brands and manufacturers claim that the fur can come from cruelty free farms, that is highly unlikely when all of the research says otherwise. Minks are wild animals related to weasels, so the thought that they would relax and remain calm to be brushed, or that somehow only their naturally shedding fur would be collected, does not exactly make sense.

When creating our lash line, we decided that the best way to insure we are truly cruelty free was skipping using animal fur all together. The materials we use to make our lashes, are soft, comfortable, and super lightweight. You can rest assured that no animals were hurt to make these lashes!

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