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Tips for your next post!

Provide Value

Answer the questions your audience is asking and about and talk about the things they want to know!

Be consistent and keep tagging brands, pages, and people who inspire you!

A lot of those accounts are looking through their tags, and even if they may not like, repost, or comment right away, they see you! Don't give up and eventually you'll get their attention.

Repurpose your content!

Instead of constantly creating from scratch. Share their Instagram post to Facebook and Pinterest. Cut down your Youtube video into a real or Tik Tok. This saves you time, energy, and gets your work exposed to another audience.

Stay up to date on latest social media news.

You need to know when the platform you use changes the rules. For example, when Instagram changed the amount of hashtags you should use from 30 to utilizing only 4.


Social media is for!

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