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Your goal setting guide with tips that ACTUALLY work

boss babe goals


We are always here for a BOSS moment! We don't have lashes named CEO and Wealthy for no reason! Pull out your notepad and get ready to tap into your dream life.

Give yourself 5 to 10 minutes of uninterrupted time and go through our guide below. Let your mind go and really explore different things you always wanted to do for yourself. Every babe needs some intentions in their life aimed at hitting their personal, professional, and health growth.

There are no rules. Just kidding, but seriously our ONE RULE for the new goal setting you're about to do is to stop setting yourself up to fail! If you want to workout 4 times a week but hate the gym, don't buy a membership thinking it's going to make you go! Instead, get some equipment you know you would use at home or make it a point to go for a run with your friend on the weekends. If you don't like reading, try audio books and listen on car rides. If you want to learn a new language, try an app you could be working on when you have a lunch break instead of scrolling on IG. Let's be real, you know yourself best. Find the solutions that are really going to fit INTO your life, and make it happen!

the goals guide

We hope this guide helped! Now get out there and start tweaking your routine and getting what you want TODAY!

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