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Quick and Easy Lash Hacks

makeup lashes flat lay


Pro or not, here are some things you can be doing RIGHT now to make putting your lashes on even easier!

1. Do you know how to recognize different eye shapes and what looks best on them? This is MAJOR and can change how you pick lash styles out for you or clients. (We have a whole blog on this subject so check that out!)

2. After doing your eye makeup, apply mascara FIRST then add the lashes. Your lashes will hold up better having something stronger to lay on. Also, your falsies last longer without any mascara on them!

3. Always measure your lashes and trim off what you don't need. Most lashes need to be trimmed, even for the biggest of eyes.

4. Pinch your natural lash and faux lash together after they've been applied to make sure they're blending together, plus you can avoid putting mascara through them.

5. Use miscellar water to clean off lash glue and reuse! There's no reason to throw out lashes after only wearing a couple times.


I hope you learned something from these tips and tricks, and if you have one to share, please let us know on Instagram!

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