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"I don't know how to apply lashes" Applying lashes like a pro!



Get your eye look together first

Start off with eye makeup already applied. Curling lashes is optional, but if you like to do so, do it now, THEN add mascara.

PRO TIP Mascara NEVER needs to be applied to your falsies! By keeping them mascara free, they will last longer and look better.


Measuring and trimming your lashes

Almost EVERYONE needs to trim some of the falsies off.

Remove your lashes from the case, and without adding glue, line them up with your natural lashes, and see how much you will need to cut off, then trim from the outside corners. If you don't trim off enough, your inner eye might become itchy later, but then you will know you can cut off more next time.


Applying glue

Apply lash glue along the inner band of your false lashes. Using a glue with a wand and not a tube to squeeze, is usually the easiest because you can apply glue exactly where you want it. When you first apply lash glue it's super wet. Wait about 20 seconds more or less after you add glue, so that the glue gets "tacky." Once your glue is sticky, you are ready to put them on!

PRO TIP If your glue is too wet it's going to slide around and not stick on your lashes.


Applying your falsies

Apply your lashes starting at the outside corner and line it up with the inner. You want them directly on your lash line with no gap in between. After you've placed your lashes on, you can pinch them together with your natural lashes to make sure they're lined up.

PRO TIP If you have a hard time seeing what you're doing, try tilting your head back a little while looking at the mirror.


Use a q tip with some makeup remover, or even a little moisturizer and add it your lash line to loosen up your lashes. From there, you can gently peel your lashes off, and carefully pick off the old glue to store in your lash box and reuse for later!


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