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Choosing the BEST lashes for your eyes!

Why does this matter?

False lashes come in different lengths, fullness, and styles. If you take the time to pay attention to eye shape and characteristics, you can really emphasize your eyes with different styles! Most people can fit into more than one of these categories. Keep reading to see what tips you can take!

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Almond eyes are shaped slightly pointed at the ends.
Almond eyes can pretty much get away with wearing most styles, so have fun with them! You can work with wispy lashes, flared, or even open eye styles, and they'll all look amazing.
Recommended lashes: Style Fire


Round eyes have a circular shape.
The most flattering lashes for this shape is going to be anything that can elongate, like a cat-eye style.
Recommended lashes: CEO


Hooded eyes have a heavy lid that usually covers most of the eye shadow area.
The lashes that are going to compliment you the best, will be thicker at the base and give a dark eyeliner effect. These eyes are perfect for pulling off a dramatic style.
Recommended lashes: Dream


This eye shape has large eyes that are naturally a little further back.
The best look for deep set eyes are anything wispy and not too long.
Recommended lashes: Queen


These eyes have a shape where the outer corners are slighted turned down.
The best looking lashes for down turned eyes have shorter lengths on the ends, with a curl and flare to them.
Recommended lashes: CEO


Close set eyes are typically closer towards the nose.
For this eye shape, use lashes with longer length towards the center and outside corners to elongate the eyes.
No matter what, makeup is supposed to be fun! Make sure you play around with different styles and use whatever makes you feel like the baddest bee ever!

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