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14 Self-Care Ideas You Can Start Today

Saweetie practicing Selfcare with bubble bath

Whether you find yourself with a limited amount of time to treat yourself, or looking to add some different things in your daily routine, here are some ideas that anyone can fit into their schedule! 

1. Make a new feel good playlist and listen to it. Get in those feels babe. 

2. Unfollow (or mute) social media accounts. Yeah we said it. This could be pages of people who you constantly compare yourself to, or even content you find yourself getting too distracted with. 

3. Compliment yourself. Find something new you love about yourself every single day. 

4. Go to bed early. Isn’t  it funny how much we used to fight going to sleep when we’re younger, only to feel like you would kill for a nap as an adult. Get some sleep!

5. Unplug in the morning. Before you get your day started, if the first thing you usually do is check your phone, try going without it for a while! With so many crazy things going on in the world, it can be a nice breather to start your day morning off without reading all these things, scrolling on IG, or checking messages FIRST thing after waking up!

6. Turn your phone on SILENT once you’re in bed. How can you unwind and get ready to fall asleep with all the constant notifications going off! 

7. Listen to a motivational podcast. I know this one makes us sound like grandmas…(no shade to grandmas) but some of your favorite influencers and businesses, have podcast shows! It’s really cool to listen to different interviews and opinions on topics that people you know don’t talk about, or even have insight to talk about. 

8. Color. Yeah, it’s as simple as that. 

9. Stretch. Yoga poses or trying to touch your toes, just move those muscles. 

10. Light a candle, incense, or diffuse some essential oils in your home. 

11. Say no to something you don’t want to do. This is such a good one. 

12. Download a problem solving or puzzle app. It’s good to get your mind trying something new. 

13. Name things you are grateful for. We all want more, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t forget to be happy for things in your life now. It can be a person, something you own, even having a roof over your head.

14. Call a friend. In the world of social media, it can be so easy to get used to leave comments and DM your friends, but it’s picking ip the phone and calling them is such a different vibe! Especially when you haven’t had a real convo with them in a while.

 Enjoy these tips and have fun shaking things up! 

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